Veronica Mars | Christ(off) (2018) streaming HD | (2017)
Phase Transformations in Metals and Alloys (3rd Edition) By David A. Porter, Kenneth E. Easterling, Mohamed Sherif
2009 | 520 Pages | ISBN: 1420062107 | PDF | 47 MB
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The Race to Save the Romanovs The Truth Behind the Secret Plans to Rescue the Russian Imperial Family [Audiobook]

Helen Rappaport, Damian Lynch (Narrator), "The Race to Save the Romanovs: The Truth Behind the Secret Plans to Rescue the Russian Imperial Family"
ASIN: B07BNX9ZDL, ISBN: 1427296758 | 2018 | kbps | ~10:48:00 | 307 MB

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The Laws of Transparency in Action: A European Perspective by Dacian C. Dragos
English | PDF,EPUB | 2018 (2019 Edition) | 676 Pages | ISBN : 3319764594 | 11.67 MB

This book examines the issue of free access to information as part of the openness and transparency principles. The free access to public information has become one of the most hotly contested aspects of contemporary government and public administration. Many countries in Europe have well-established Freedom of Information laws (FOIAs), while others have adopted them more recently. The problems that occur in the implementation of FOIAs are different due to the legal and institutional context; nevertheless, patterns of best practices and malfunctioning are comparable. The book analyses in comparative and empirical perspective the respective main challenges. Whilst the existing literature focusses on the legal provisions, this book offers practical insights through 13 national profiles and the EU level, on how effective the legal provisions of FOIAs really prove to be.
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Windows & Internet Pratique - août 2018
French | 84 pages | True PDF | 8.9 MB
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CCIE Evolving Technologies V1.1: CCIE Written Exam Cert Guide Series
English | August 5, 2018 | ISBN: B07G71TC43 | 138 pages | EPUB | 5.39 Mb
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Der OPNsense-Praktiker: Enterprise-Firewalls mit Open-Source
German | 30 July 2018 | ISBN: 3752895381 | 472 pages | PDF | 7 MB
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OpenGL Shading Language, 3rd Edition (EPUB)
English | ISBN: 0321637631 | 792 pages | EPUB | 20 Jul, 2009 | 19 Mb
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Touch Typing Made Simple by Lillian S. Marks
English | 1985 | ISBN: 0385194269 | 192 Pages | PDF | 31.2 MB
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The Mindfulness and Acceptance Workbook for Stress Reduction Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Workbook Edition

The Mindfulness and Acceptance Workbook for Stress Reduction: Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to Manage Stress, Build Resilience, and Create the Life You Want, Workbook Edition by Fredrik Livheim PhD, Frank W. Bond PhD, Daniel Ek MS, Bjorn Skoggard Hedensjo MS
English | July 1st, 2018 | ISBN: 1684031281 | 240 Pages | EPUB | 1.59 MB
Stress is a part of life-but it doesn't have to take over your life. With this guide, you'll develop the skills needed to help you manage difficult emotions, cultivate self-compassion, adopt positive physical and emotional habits, build resilience, and connect with your true values.

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Know It All Jazz The 50 Crucial Concepts, Styles, and Performers, Each Explained in Under a Minute

Know It All Jazz: The 50 Crucial Concepts, Styles, and Performers, Each Explained in Under a Minute by Dave Gelly
English | May 29th, 2018 | ISBN: 1577151755 | 160 Pages | EPUB | 26.99 MB
For non-aficionados, jazz can be slippery and difficult to grasp. Jazz can leave a novice baffled, unsure how to listen, and with the question "How is it that they know what to play?"

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